About Us

RapidFS is a platform through which users can get payroll and other financial services directly and safely. The RapidFS Paycard is among the essential tool issued by RapidFS.

Features of RapidFS


It’s very easy to use the RapidFS platform, so you only need to visit the company’s official website. 

RapidFS also provides its services through various mediums, such as:

  • Paycard
  • ATM Locator
  • OnDemand
  • Disbursements and many more.

Some More Features of RapidFS

  • RapidFS Paycard is a financially expert tool using which the users will be able to spend the money which is loaded on the card. Therefore, it would help you to control your budget too.
  • The employees can avail of several benefits from RapidFS Paycard, ranging from automated card inventory to sophisticated security, fraud protection, and many more. 
  • RapidFS Paycard is an efficient and innovative system of making and receiving payments. 

Benefits of using RapidFS

There are several advantages that you can get while using RapidFS, and some of them are stated below:

1- Go cashless with RapidFS Paycard 

RapidFS provides its customers with payment cards, which means you can go cashless and withdraw your money using your card at any ATM you prefer in any corner of the world. Pay cards are of great advantage for employees as well as employers.

2- Get easy access with RapidFS Paycard

With the services of RapidFS Paycard, employees can easily get their salaries, cash back, and rewards. Along with that, the cardholder can also use all the services without any external cost.

3- RapidFS is accepted everywhere

The biggest advantage of RapidFS is that it is accepted anywhere at the places MasterCard Debit Cards or Visa Debit Cards are accepted. Due to this, users can roam around the world without carrying a load of cash along with them. 


Can I get on OnDemand services on RapidFS?

Yes, you can easily avail of the OnDemand and Disbursement services on RapidFS. Employees can easily access their wages whenever they want through the OnDemand services. Not only this, but the employees can also access their salary by taking care of the policies set up by their company. 

How do the Disbursement services help on the RapidFS platform?

The Disbursements service supports the users by providing them with technology along with the financial network, which helps them to deliver funds with the help of a revolutionary range of quick digital and traditional payout processes. Since a great time, RapidFS has created more than about 100 million payouts which cost more than 53 billion dollars to the bank accounts, prepaid debit cards, ACH, and cash pickup.  

Is RapidFS a trustable platform?

Yes, RapidFS is one of the leading platforms providing its users with payroll and other financial services. Along with that, many people have already accessed the portal to get its benefits. The user-friendly interface of the portal, various financial services provided, and customer support at its instant makes  RapidFS one of the most trustworthy company for stable and safe financial decisions.


RapidFS is a financial company that issues prepaid cards generally issued by Bancorp Bank (Visa payroll pay card) and Metabank (Mastercard). It is a US-based company which was founded in 2003 earlier. 

RapidFS has continuously improved payout services, providing payout services and implying innovations that FinTech giant Green Dot Corporation powers. Therefore, log in to the official website, or you can directly visit the official website.