Customer Support

RapidFS is a financial company established in 2003 and based in the United States of America. It has continually assisted people who wanted any Paycard services. Once the users log in to the official portal, they can safely use many other financial services available on the official website.

Know More About the Customer Support Team of RapidFS

  • The Customer Support team at RapidFS is always ready for you if you need help. 
  • The support team can solve any of your issues, including any query you have or any difficulty you might face.
  • The Customer Support Team at RapidFS is available 24/7 to help you out with any query of yours or any problem you are facing. 
  • And to get your different issues solved, you must contact the following customer support contact on the official platform.
  • The Customer Support team would also look after the activation of your card, providing solutions to any of your complaints and providing you with different notifications. 

Benefits of RapidFS


Some several services and advantages are offered by RapidFS, which are explained here:

1- Get your card activated

This is one of the most effective features of RapidFS, that the customers can contact the customer support team to activate their card. After issuing your card, the customers must call 1-877-380-0980 requesting activation.

2- Get your Card Personalized

While getting your card activated, you can also ask the customer support team to upgrade your card without paying any money. When your card gets issued quickly, it might not contain any name. So, you can also ask for personalization.

3- Get the details of your Current Balance

On the RapidFS Paycard account, you can easily look at the last five transaction information; you have to type TRANS.


What is the next step once you have registered on RapidFS?

Using your RapidFS Paycard account, you can get the advantage of many services. But first, you will have to get your card activated, and once you are done with it, you will have to contact customer support to activate your account.

How to access my RapidFS Paycard account?

You can access your RapidFS Paycard account very easily. All you have to do is log in to the official website. And then, enter all your login credentials to proceed further. 

Can I reset my login password?

Yes, of course, you can easily reset your password if you have forgotten one. 

In how many days dies your card gets issued?

The RapidFS card usually gets issued within 7-10 days. And you can also call 1-877-380-0980.

Are there any charges levied on RapidFS?

Though the RapidFS Paycard doesn’t charge you anything to provide these services. But the charges on Standard text messaging, data, and cellular rates get levied. So, check your mobile phone carrier and inquire about fees your carrier may apply along with these services.


RapidFS is a financial company that the Green Dot Corporation powers. It is the customer financial technology innovator. RapidFS also provides users with a huge range of pocket-friendly financial services. And Paycard service offered by RapidFS company is one of the most well-known services offered by RapidFS. So you can visit the official website.